Customer Relationship Management

We can handle all of your SugarCRM needs, whether you are in need of installation, customization, module development, or training, we do it all!

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Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is a business application that allows you to manage your customers, clients, employees, sales prospects, projects, as well as track profits through automated processes. Using a web-based CRM allows for easy mobile access for your marketing, sales and support departments, and your management team through a centralized database system.

We recommend SugarCRM as a premier solution for your customer support, marketing campaigns, sales-force automation, and team/department internal collaboration. Using SugarCRM will reduce your operation costs and improve efficiency by eliminating redundant information and streamlining your processes and workflow so none of your business falls through the cracks. Communication will improve through better team collaboration and shared knowledge.

With SugarCRM, you will have a consolidated historical view of your customers which allows you to more effectively market and support them. Your marketing team will easily determine campaign effectiveness by tracking which customers are responding to which campaigns. Your management team will have a unified view through SugarCRM's reporting features, where reports can be run to get a bigger and better picture of how the company is doing from department to department and overall.

SugarCRM Is Your Ideal Solution to Customer Relationship Management!

And best of all, SugarCRM is accessible online from anywhere via desktop and mobile devices!

Additional features within SugarCRM are:
  • Custom module development
  • Bug tracking
  • Set deadlines and track project status
  • Provide team and unique user access to the system
  • Email prospects
  • Send custom formatted newsletters
  • Track web campaigns
  • Send automated notices (i.e. contract renewal, etc.)
  • Automated hand-off between departments
Shift One Labs can handle all of your SugarCRM development needs
Shift One Labs Does:
  • SugarCRM Installations
  • SugarCRM Customizations
  • SugarCRM Module Installation & Development
  • SugarCRM Integrations and Bridges
  • SugarCRM Mobile Development
  • SugarCRM Web-To-Lead Forms
  • SugarCRM Theme and Layout Development
  • SugarCRM Training